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We offer three are types of members reflecting the community of participants. It’s important to hear the voices of residents residing on the properties held in trust for housing AND to hear from community members and organizations that care about affordable housing. Show your support for affordable sustainable housing in Victoria by becoming a member. Our newsletter and Facebook page  will keep you informed of our progress and volunteer opportunities.

Resident Individual Members

Resident Members include any person who resides at (or plan to reside at) real property that is owned or stewarded by the Society, and has reached the age of sixteen. If you are a member of a housing group looking for land, this is the way to keep in touch.


Non-Resident Individual Members

Non-Resident Individual Members are people who live in the Capital Regional District who wish to support and advance the purposes of the Society.


Organizational Members

Organizational Members are organizations that ordinarily operate in the Capital Regional District in some capacity that is in concert with the purposes of the Society and who wish to support and advance the purposes of the Society.


Member dues shall be on a sliding scale of $10 – $40 annually.

Members in good standing have a vote at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

Members can also be elected to the Board of Directors.


Legacy Housing Membership Registration Form

    * Please select a membership type (see above for descriptions)