Legacy Advisory Board


The purpose of the Legacy Advisory Board (LAB) is to accelerate the success of Legacy Housing Land Trust Society through provision of high level strategic advice and through linking interested people and organizations to Legacy.  We plan to make good use of your time and make it an enjoyable experience.


The LAB includes a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 people who are well positioned to advance the purposes outlines above.


LAB members will:

  1. Meet approximately 3-4 times per year for up to 2 hours, including refreshments and
  2. networking time.
  3. Provide strategic advice to Legacy’s working Board of Directors (which meets 6-8 times per year).
  4. Promote Legacy to people who may be willing to join as members and/or support Legacy in other ways.
  5. Other roles as agreed by individual LAB members and the Legacy Board of Directors.


LAB members are appointed by the working Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will convene LAB meetings and receive advice and input directly from the LAB.


Each LAB member will commit to one-year of participation, which may be renewed by mutual agreement of the LAB member and the Board of Directors.