About Legacy Housing Land Trust

Legacy Housing Land Trust grew out of a series of 5 community engagements held in 2013 called Village Building.  (See more history)

The community gathered together to discuss housing options in the Capital Region. The question became how can we make housing affordable for all? 

These discussions led to the investigation of the housing land trust model as a tool for creating long term affordable housing.  Successful models from the UK and the USA were investigated and used as templates to create Legacy Housing Land Trust for our region.


Legacy was created as a non profit society to hold property in trust for housing.  Models in the US showed us we could offer affordable rental and home ownership opportunities by building on donated land.  With the cost of the land removed from the equation, housing costs would be affordable now and continue to remain affordable into the future.

Donations of land from governments can be held in trust by Legacy and developed to meet the housing requirements of our region such as workforce housing, seniors housing and family housing.  The model has major potential in Victoria and the rest of the Capital Region and could serve as a powerful tool in delivering on the Victoria Housing Strategy. For example, Strategic Direction 1.1 and supporting action 3: “Work with the Strategic Real Estate function to determine if affordable housing objectives can be achieved when considering the acquisition, disposal or redevelopment of public properties and lands.”

Bequests of land and donations for the purchase of land from companies or individuals could be leased to local groups of citizens interested in seniors co-housing, family co-op housing, or workforce housing.


Affordable housing supports strong communities